The Other Side of Loves w

I’ve never known the sweetest of love.

Love without fear.

Love without hesitation.

But you are teaching me.

I’ve taught myself to love me.

I’ve taught myself to only need my love.

But you are teaching me to love all of me,

And give that love to you.

What a beautiful thing it is,

To be loved,

And be loved back.


A heart so tainted,

By lovers past.

It has been painted,

From red to black.

A heart once open to excitement and pleasure,

Has become a fortress, guarded beyond measure.

So what does one do when one is so afraid,

To feel love without constant dismay?


Beauty and grace,

With an electric blue soul.

Something men grasp for,

Longing to hold.

But she is not an object of affection,

Oh she is so much more.

With dimensions beyond imagine,

She is always craving to learn more.

An object is no longer what she fears.

A novelty is what she knows she has become.

She has not only learned to guard her heart,

But protect her mind.