Rain or Snow

Past full of sorrow, but his eyes shed no tears.

Hungry for success. Driven, without fear.

Eager to learn and built upon lessons.

Lover of The Lord, knowledgable of His blessings.

A commanding presence, that could bring any room to attention.

A smile that illuminates in darkness, easing any questioning intentions.

A heart so willing to serve others, without a second thought.

A soul made of gold from many hardships fought.

Deserving of taking so much more, he is.

But rooted in the knowledge that in this life, it is more fulfilling to give.

Guarded to the core is his only deception.

Quick to observe if he is just a fleeting obsession.

Unjust is it to try to describe,

This man who came into my life quickly, and altered it, by surprise.

All the words in the world are not enough to illustrate him.

But he inspires me to attempt to with this ballpoint pen.

If there is one thing I want him to know,

I’m right beside him, rain or snow.


A heart so tainted,

By lovers past.

It has been painted,

From red to black.

A heart once open to excitement and pleasure,

Has become a fortress, guarded beyond measure.

So what does one do when one is so afraid,

To feel love without constant dismay?